Nano-magnetic oils for the study of intestinal lymphatics in lymphangiomatosis

PI: David Cormode, PhD

Institution: University of Pennsylvania

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In this project we aimed to develop medical imaging methods that would help visualize the lymphatic system. By developing this tool we hoped to be able to learn more about lymphangiomatosis. Since oils are taken up via the intestinal lymphatic system, we made oils that contained nanoparticles that would allow their detection via MRI or x-ray based imaging. We did imaging with several of these oils. With MRI we found it hard to identify whether changes in the images were due to uptake of the oils or due to bowel movement. With x-ray based imaging, we saw promising changes in the images that are likely due to uptake of the oils. We are now working to confirm that the oils were taken up to ensure that we are imaging the lymphatic system. We are optimistic that the technique that we have developed will provide better understanding of lymphangiomatosis and help with diagnosis and treatment.