Awarded Grants

The ODC offers over 50 grant opportunities in 30+ disease areas annually to researchers across the globe, as well as within the Penn and CHOP communities. Since 2011, our grant programs have funded $17.2 million in rare disease research.

See below for a complete list of ODC-awarded grants since 2011. 

Full list of CDKL5 Program of Excellence Awardees

Awarded Grants

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Awardee Project Title Institution Grant Amount Funding Year
Maxim Itkin, MD Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MR Lymphangiogram Imaging of Lymphatic Anomalies (LA) University of Pennsylvania MDBR - GLA/GSD $101,000 2015
Giuseppe Zampino, MD Pain in RASopathies: new investigative techniques and treatments Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore MDBR - RASopathies $53,000 2015
Florian Eichler, MD Optimizing Delivery and Endpoints of an AAV9-mediated Gene Therapy Trial in AMN Massachusetts General Hospital MDBR - ALD $50,000 2015
Mara Riminucci, MD Mouse models of Fibrous Dysplasia (FD) as a tool for developing rational and effective therapies Sapienza University of Rome MDBR - Fibrous Dysplasia $58,500 2015
Martin Rosewich Role of microRNAs in the pathophysiology of bronchiolitis obliterans Goethe-University - Children's Hospital MDBR - Bronchiolitis Obliterans $50,500 2015
Brady Maher, PhD Exploring the impact of a TCF4 mutation on the physiology of inhibitory neurons of the prefrontal cortex. Lieber Insitute for Brain Development, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine MDBR - Pitt Hopkins $50,000 2015
Charles Vite, DVM, PhD, ACVIM Natural history study and biomarker development in the large animal model of mucolipidosis II University of Pennsylvania MDBR - MPS $50,500 2015
Charles Vite, BS, DVM, PhD Targeted AAV gene therapy for vertical supranuclear gaze palsy and dysphagia University of Pennsylvania MDBR - NPC $53,500 2015
David Kwiatkowski, MD, PhD TSC2 mutation analysis as a biomarker for lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) Brigham and Women's Hospital MDBR - LAM $50,500 2015
Kartik Venkatachalam, PhD Mechanisms of Neurodevelopmental Defects in Mucolipidosis type IV (MLIV) University of Texas, School of Medicine at Houston MDBR - ML4 $53,000 2015
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