Awarded Grants

The ODC offers over 50 grant opportunities in 30+ disease areas annually to researchers across the globe, as well as within the Penn and CHOP communities. Since 2011, our grant programs have funded $17.2 million in rare disease research.

See below for a complete list of ODC-awarded grants since 2011.

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Awarded Grants

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Awardee Project Title Institution Grant Amount Funding Year
Jenny A. Greig, PhD Muscle Directed Gene Therapy Application for Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) University of Pennsylvania MDBR - Maple Syrup Urine Disease $112,893 2019
Nicola Allen, PhD Systems Level Analysis of CDKL5 Astrocytes to Identify Novel Markers and Pathways in CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder (CDD) Salk Institute for Biological Sciences CDKL5 Program of Excellence $150,000 2018
Alessia DiNardo, PhD High Content Screen to identify drug targets for the neuronal manifestations of CDKL5 deficiency Boston Children’s Hospital CDKL5 Program of Excellence $150,000 2018
James Eubanks, PhD Evaluating a Novel Strategy to Stimulate mTORC1 in Two Mouse Models of CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder University of Toronto CDKL5 Program of Excellence $150,000 2018
Michela Fagiolini, PhD Testing functional and structural connectivity in CDKL5 deficiency disorder as novel biomarkers Boston Children’s Hospital CDKL5 Program of Excellence $150,000 2018
David Liu, PhD Development of Targeted Frameshifting Technologies Broad Institute and Harvard University CDKL5 Program of Excellence $150,000 2018
Ihn Sik Seong, PhD Quantitative SRM assays for optimization of CDKL5 protein replacement therapy Massachusetts General Hospital CDKL5 Program of Excellence $150,000 2018
Michael Greenberg, PhD Single-cell Transcriptional Profiling of Mosaic CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder Brain Tissue Harvard Medical School CDKL5 Program of Excellence $150,000 2018
Hasan Orhan Akman, PhD Could restoring GBE in affected tissues be a treatment for APBD? Columbia University Medical Center MDBR - Adult Polyglucosan Body Disorder $52,978 2018
S. Ali Fatemi, MD, MBA Multicenter Cross Standardization of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Methods for Adrenoleukodystrophy/Adrenomyeloneuropathy Kennedy Krieger, Johns Hopkins University MDBR - Adrenoleukodystrophy $101,164 2018
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