Two $51,160 grants are available, made possible by The International Foundation for CDKL5 Research and Team CDKL5.


  1. CDKL5 Postmortem Brain Samples ($51,160): Research focused on genetic, molecular and anatomical studies of postmortem brain samples of CDKL5.   There are CDKL5 postmortem samples at the Harvard Brain Bank under the Rett Syndrome special collection.  This area is completely underrepresented in any current CDKL5 research, and can inform the future of other aspects of CDKL5 research.  IFCR will assist the awardee with gaining access to this tissue.
  2. Mechanisms of CDKL5 Seizure Activity ($51,160): Research focused on seizures in CDKL5, including but not limited to causation, treatment, or evaluation.  This can include drug screening



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