Our Team

The Orphan Disease Center, led by Dr. Jim Wilson, includes a passionate team of scientists and professionals who are committed to accelerating research, developing therapies, and bettering the lives of those living with a rare disease.

It is with extensive experience, heartfelt dedication and enthusiasm that our team strives to meet the needs of a grossly underserved community. 

Center Staff

James M. Wilson

Rose H. Weiss Professor and Director, Orphan Disease Center

James M. Wilson MD, PhD

Monique R. Molloy

Executive Director, Orphan Disease Center

Monique R. Molloy

Ashley R. Winslow

Senior Director, Portfolio Development, Orphan Disease Center

Ashley R. Winslow PhD

Daniel J. Lavery

Director, CDKL5 Program of Excellence, Orphan Disease Center

Daniel J. Lavery PhD

Samantha M. Charleston

Assistant Director, Orphan Disease Center

Samantha M. Charleston

Matthew Orlando

Director of Finance, Orphan Disease Center

Matthew Orlando

David Fajgenbaum

Associate Director, Patient Impact, Orphan Disease Center

David Fajgenbaum MD, MBA, MSc

Steering Committee

Jonathan A. Epstein, MD

University of Pennsylvania

Glen Gaulton, PhD

University of Pennsylvania

Frances Jensen, MD, FACP

University of Pennsylvania

Kevin B. Mahoney

University of Pennsylvania

Michael S. Parmacek, MD

University of Pennsylvania

Daniel J. Rader, MD - Chair

University of Pennsylvania

Joseph W. St. Geme, III

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Bryan A. Wolf, MD, PhD

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

External Advisory Committee

Arthur L. Caplan, PhD

New York University

Stanley N. Cohen, MD

Stanford University

John Crowley, JD, MBA

Amicus Therapeutics

Stephen L. Eck, MD, PhD

Aravive Biologics

Marlene Haffner, MD, MPH

Haffner Associates, LLC, Orphan Solutions

Joseph B. Martin, MD, PhD

Harvard Medical School