MDBR Art Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the first Million Dollar Bike Ride Art Contest!

Thank you to all of our participants for sharing their talents!


Top 2 Winners - Children's Category

artwork 1

Title: Boston Made                                                                     Team: Team Josh's DCO Riders                                               Medium: Mixed Media                                                                Artist: Ethan Stevens, Age 11

Ethan was inspired by the transplant protocol his brother underwent at Boston Childrens Hospital. The protocol was written for patients with telomere biology disorders, an ultra rare genetic condition affecting 1:1,000,000. His brother, Riley, is doing wonderful and because of the MDBR grant, this protocol was opened in six other centers!! Riley had to travel 3000 miles to receive treatment, and Ethan fell in love with Boston because it is the city that saved his brother. Now others can undergo this protocol closer to home!

artwork 3

Title: Rolling for Research                                                         Team: Pitt-Hopkins Pedalers/Team Connor - Cure Kids Like Connor                                                                                        Medium: Drawing                                                                          Artist: Kyleigh Fitzgerald, Age 9

A boy rides through the streets of Philadelphia raising money and awareness for Rare Disease Research. I made the boy's head the symbol of my brother's charity, Pitt-Hopkins Research Foundation.

Top 2 Winners - Adult's Category

artwork 6

Title: Endo 6                                                                              Team: Josh and The DCO Riders                                          Medium: Painting                                                                       Artist: Kristin Lamelas

My work engages dichotomies of figure and landscape.

I was diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia (precancerous cells) in 2016. This body of work is based on images of my uterine cells that I've used to create imaginary landscapes.

In graduate school at Moore College of Art and Design, I began to use cells from my body based on my life experiences (donating a kidney to my father, husband, having a baby, bronchitis, uterine hyperplasia) and locations of significant events (wedding, home, hospital, school) to create topographies that invite the viewer to explore the relationship between land and body, science and nature. The sense of looking simultaneously at both a microcosm and a macrocosm is created. Ultimately, these works celebrate the beauty and preciousness of life.

The full body of work can be seen here:

My Aunt Wanda's nephew, Josh, had Dyskeritosis Congenta (DKC) and his life was dramatically cut short due to the disease. The family was devastated. I will be riding for Josh and all the other children and families presented with this and many other life threatening diseases.

artwork 4

Title: One Small Step Towards Hope                                         Team: Cure CMD                                                                   Medium: Photography                                                               Artist: Michelle Argento

My 2-year-old niece, Darcie Grace Okroi, is overcoming the obstacles of congenital muscular dystrophy one day and one supported step at a time. Here she is walking with the help of her mother and her ever-present AFOs.

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