Past Events

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ODC - Hosted Symposia

•    ZC4H2 Think Tank, September 2018

          o    Dubai, UAE
          o    14 attendees
          o    In partnership with The ZC4H2 Deficiency Research Foundation

•    International Crigler-Najjar Syndrome Symposium, June 2018

          o    London, UK
          o    30 attendees

•    Alnylam Rare Disease Workshop “Exploring Liver Applications for RNAi         Therapeutics”

          o    In partnership with Alnylam

•    Genome Editing for PCSK9, February 2018

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    9 attendees

•    SMA Patient Advisory Board Meeting – Gene Therapy for Spinal                     Muscular Atrophy, January 2018

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    10 attendees

•   CDKL5 Forum, November 2017    

          o    Hosted by the Loulou Foundation, in partnership with ODC

•    ALS Advisory Think Tank, September 2017

          o    Boston, MA
          o    11 attendees

•    MPS Symposium, July 2017

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    60 attendees
          o    Sponsored by REGENXBIO and Lysogene

•    RARE Patient Advocacy Symposium, May 2017

•    UPenn Hearing Loss Symposium, April 2017

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    33 attendees

•    Pig Models of Human Orphan Diseases, December 2016

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    50 attendees

•    Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Symposium on Optimizing Care,                   September/October 2016

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    71 attendees
          o    Sponsored by AveXis, Inc.

•    UPenn Crigler-Najjar Syndrome Symposium, June 2016

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    45 attendees

•    RARE Patient Advocacy Symposium, May 2016

•    Castleman Disease Symposium, November 2015

•    UPenn DMD Gene Therapy Symposium, April 2015

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    55 attendees
          o    In partnership with Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy

•    Penn LAM Symposum - Lymphatics, Lymphangiogenesis, and VEGF-D:          Targets for LAM, February 2015

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    23 attendees
          o    In partnership with The LAM Foundation

•    Drug Discovery for Nonsense Mutations in Cystic Fibrosis, January 2015

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    30 attendees
          o    In partnership with Emily’s Entourage

•    LSD Symposium, September 2010

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    90 attendees


ODC - Sponsored Symposia

•    Therapeutic Development for Nonsense Mutations: The Final Frontier            of CF, September 2018

          o    Philadelphia, PA

•    Deciphering Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome, July 2017

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    In partnership with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Alex’s                  Lemonade Stand Foundation 

•    Angelman Syndrome Gene Therapy Think Tank, December 2016    

•    International Summit on idiopathic multicentric Castleman Disease               (iMCD), November 2016

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    In partnership with the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network

•    Congenital Hypoglycemia Disorders: Hyperinsulinism and GSD, April           2016

          o    Philadelphia, PA
          o    In partnership with The Congenital Hyperinsulinism Center                            Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes