Awarded Grants

The ODC offers over 50 grant opportunities in 30+ disease areas annually to researchers across the globe, as well as within the Penn and CHOP communities. Since 2011, our grant programs have funded $17.2 million in rare disease research.

See below for a complete list of ODC-awarded grants since 2011. 

Full list of CDKL5 Program of Excellence Awardees

Awarded Grants

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Awardee Project Title Institution Grant Amount Funding Year
Jianrong Tang, PhD Studies of forniceal deep brain stimulation and hippocampal memory in CDKL5 mice Baylor College of Medicine CDKL5 $150,000 2016
Robin Kleiman, PhD / Michael Johnson, MD, PhD Development of a High-content drug repurposing screen using CDKL5 patient derived iPSC neurons Boston Childrens Hospital / Imperial College London CDKL5 $200,000 2016
Nicoletta Landsberger, PhD Exploiting computational biology for target identification and drug repositioning in CDKL5 disorder University of Milan CDKL5 $150,000 2016
Bianca De Filippis, PhD Brain Rho GTPases: in search of innovative therapeutic targets for CDKL5 deficiency Istituto Superiore di Sanità CDKL5 $150,000 2016
Jeannie Lee, MD, PhD Treating CDKL5 Syndrome by reactivating the silent allele of CDKL5 Massachusetts General Hospital CDKL5 $150,000 2016
Elizabeth Henske, MD The Role of Regulatory T cells in the Pathogenesis and Therapy of LAM Brigham and Women's Hospital MDBR - LAM $50,000 2016
Charles Schwartz, PhD Role of mitochndria and ROS in etiology of SRS Greenwood Genetic Center MDBR - Snyder-Robinson $53,000 2016
Victoria Stepanova, PhD Urokinase as a potential biomarker and target in LAM University of Pennsylvania MDBR - LAM $50,000 2016
Florian Eichler, MD Biodistribution of Intrathecal AAV9-mediated Gene Therapy in AMN Massachusetts General Hospital MDBR - ALD $100,000 2016
Hasam Akman, PhD Treatment of adult polyglucosan body disease caused by an intronic mutation in glycogen branching enzyme gene. Columbia University Medical Center MDBR - APBD $50,500 2016
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